Please print this page and bring it with you.
Instructions to find us at Denver International Airport.
Airport Security Regulations require that you follow these steps, when you arrive at DIA:
1.) When you arrive at DIA, proceed to the main terminal, which is baggage claim
2.) Go to the baggage claim carousel for your airline and get your luggage, then
      proceed to the pick up location.
3.) Pick up location at the same level five.

If you are arriving on United, Northwest, or any other Int. airline, we will pick you up on Island 1 outside door #506 OR 510. On the Westside of terminal.

For all other airlines, we will pick you up on Island # 1 outside the door 507 or 511 on the east side of the terminal. On island 1 at either door 506 or 510 (west side) or door 507 or 511 (east side) You will see a Taxi/ Limo booth tell the attendant your name and that you are being picked up by APOLO SEDAN LIMOUSINE. They will call the holding lot, which is the staging area for all limousines.

Your driver will be informed to come and pick you up or if you have phone you can call us directly (720)435-1155, when you are arrived at the booth.

Your limousine will be arrived in 4 - 5 minutes. Sit in the luxurious vehicle and enjoy the ride.


East side Airlines Door 507 or 511 West side Airlines Door 506 to 510
Alaska Air Canada
Air Trans American Airlines
America West British Airways
Big Sky Lufthansa
Champion North West
Continental Ted
Delta United
Frontier United Express
Great Lakes Spirit Airlines
Jet Blue  
Mid West  
South West  
US Airways  


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